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Maya ruins of Laman Ayin located in Belize, Central America. 
 Photo by Sheryl Lee Wilson

The Land Bountiful Tour
February 20-27, 2010
February 12-19, 2011

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The spiritual highlight of the Book of Mormon is the Savior’s visit to the Nephite-Maya people who had gathered themselves together at the temple in the land Bountiful where they witnessed the fulfillment of the Law of Moses.  From information in the Book of Mormon, we know that the city of Bountiful was in the land Bountiful and close to the city of Mulek which was located in east wilderness of the land of Zarahemla by the west sea, or the Caribbean ocean, in northern Belize.

   This magnificent eight day all-inclusive tour emphasizes both late pre-classic and early classic activity regarding Nephite, Lamanite and Mulekite activity as we visit the ruins of Dzibanche, Kohunlich, Becan, Laman Ayin, Edzna, Uxmal and Chichen Itza..

 Sheryl Lee Wilson Chichen Itza 042

The Temple of Kukulcan is located at the Maya ruins of Chichen Itza in the state of Yucatan, Mexico.  It is labeled one of the seven wonders of the world and dates from 1000-1200 BC.

  Photo by Sheryl Lee Wilson.

All-Inclusive Tour package:    $1695

          + Internal air fare to Merida and from Chetumal               

+ Round trip air: USA-Mexico City



Merida - 3 nights, Hotel Fiesta Americana

Campeche - 1 night;

Kohunlich, Quintana Roo  – 3 nights, Hotel Explorian

Sheryl Lee Wilson Uxmal Gov 031
The Maya ruins of Uxmal dating to the Classic period labeled the Governors Palace.  Uxmal is representative of the great Nephite apostasy and the Maya Classic period where many elaborate buildings were construced as outlined in Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon.
 Photo by Sheryl Lee Wilson.  

Fabulous Fiesta America Hotel in Merida, Yucatan where we spend three nights.
Daily breakfast and dinner provided..

Days 1-3:  Stay at the magnificent Fiesta Americana Hotel in Merida.
   Visit the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza and Uxmal
   City tour of the capital city of the Yucatan - Merida
   Visit LDS Temple in Merida
   Daily buffet breakfast and dinner

Day 4:  Bus to Campeche
   Visit the ancient ruins of Edzna
   Breakfast and dinner are provided

Days 4-7   Stay at the luxurious Kohunlich Resort
   Visit the fortified ruins of Becan
   Visit the ruins of Dzibanche and Kohnulich
   Visit the ruins of Lamanai
   Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included    

Explorian room
Hotel Explorian Resort, Quintana Roo, Mexico


The price of the tour is $1,695 per person based on double occupancy.  Airfare is extra and is currently around $600-$700 per person for round-trip flights from the USA to Mexico and back and internal flights to Merida and from Chetumal.  Everyone needs a passport.  Please contact us by email at [email protected] if you need information on obtaining a passport, for help on booking your airline tickets or if you have any other questions.

A $500 deposit per person is required to reserve your space. The balance is due sixty days prior to departure. Airfare is due upon booking. If you cancel the tour, a $200 cancellation fee per person and applicable costs will be assessed.

Tour includes seven nights hotel accommodations, daily buffet breakfast, five additional lunches or dinners at restaurants, first class bus transportation, entrance fees and guide service to places listed on the itinerary, taxes and tips on group items, literature and maps pertaining to your tour, and escorted by professional tour directors Blake Joseph Allen or Todd B. Allen.

On this tour you will see the Book of Mormon history come to life as we travel throughout the area proposed as the land of Bountiful. You will visit the LDS temple in Merida, Yucatan, five archaeological sites and museums, eight locations associated with the Book of Mormon and other places of interest.



Day 1: Saturday, Merida, Yucatan   (Hotel Fiesta Americana)

Our air flights take us to Merida, Mexico, the capital city of the state of  Yucatan.  Merida is known as “White City” because of the extensive use of white limestone and white paint used in their buildings.  Merida depicts much of the splendor of Colonial Mexico.  Upon arrival in Merida, we will transfer to our deluxe hotel.  (No meals provided)


Day 2: Sunday, Merida, Yucatan  (Hotel Fiesta Americana)

After attending church with the local saints, we will visit the LDS temple in Merida.  In the afternoon we will take a city tour.  (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 3: Monday, Merida, Yucatan  (Hotel Fiesta Americana) (Chichen Itza)

Today we visit the exciting, post-classic ruins of Chichen Itza, “Mouth of the Well of the Itzas.”  One of the largest cities in the region, the buildings fall in the AD 1000 era.  Following our visit, we will return to Merida for the evening. (Breakfast, Lunch).


Day 4: Tuesday, Campeche  (Uxmal)

Today we will visit the magnificent archaeological city of  Uxmal.  The name Uxmal means 'thrice-built' in Mayan, referring to the construction of its highest structure, the Pyramid of the Magician.  We continue on to the city of Campeche, the capital of the state of the same name.  (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 5: Wednesday, Kohunlich  (Explorian Resort) (Edzna - Becan)

We begin our day by traveling to the ancient fortified city of Becan, which is remarkably similar to those constructed by Captain Moroni in the East Wilderness of the Book of Mormon.  Becan would be located in the East Wilderness area.  After our visit of Becan we will transfer and check into our deluxe jungle lodges.  (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 6: Thursday, Kohunlich  (Explorian Resort)  (Dzibanche - Kohunlich)

This morning we will visit the archaeological zone of Dzibanche, a fertile region where evidence suggests the city Bountiful may have been located where the Savior visited the Nephites.  Dzibanche, meaning “writing on wood,” owes its name to the fact that Temple number VI had a fairly large lintel made from quebracho wood that bears eight glyphs dated to AD 618.  Dzibanche was a major site in the Maya area in the Classic Period (AD 300-900).  In the afternoon, we will visit the mysterious archaeological sie of Kohunlich.   (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 7: Friday, Kohunlich  (Explorian Resort) (Option to Laman Ayin)

You may rest at the beautiufl Explorian resort or arise early to bus to the border of Belize.  From there, we will bus to the town of Orange Walk and take a scenic motor boat ride up the river to the ancient Maya ruins of Laman Ayin.  Dating to the Book of Mormon time period, these ancient ruins provides with insights of the Nephites in the East Wilderness.  We will return to the Explorian resort for our final night.  A modest fee is charged for the Laman Ayin excursion.  (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 8: Saturday, Flights Home

Transferring to the airport, we will check in for our flights home. Our journey to the Land of Bountiful has come to an end, but we will take with us memories that will last a lifetime. (No meals provided)


Prices and itineraries are subject to change.  Provided meals are noted at the end of each day.  Time will be given for optional second or third meals during the day.


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