Land of Nephi Tour

9-Day Tour to the Lands of the Book of Mormon


(We are the Pioneers of the Book of Mormon tour)


October 31 - November 8, 2015

$1,995.00 per person double occupancy

Includes internal airfare

Does not include international round trip airfare

(United States to Guatemala and Tapachula, Mexico to the United States)


Following the death of Lehi and Sariah, Nephi was warned by the Lord to depart from his brothers, Laman and Lemuel. Along with many who were living in the area of Izapa, Chiapas, Mexico at the time, Nephi traveled to the highlands of Guatemala where he built a city which was called the city of Nephi.  For four hundred years the highlands of Guatemala served as a  backdrop for the events recorded in the books of 2 Nephi, Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni, Mosiah and Alma.   Come with us on this nine day all-inclusive journey, as we visit places that are documented as Nephi, Ishmael, Middoni, Helam, the waters of Mormon, the east wilderness of Zarahemla, and the land of Lehi¡¯s first inheritance.


On this tour you will see the Book of Mormon history come to life as we travel throughout the area proposed as the land of Nephi. You will visit the LDS temples in Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango, six archaeological sites and museums, nine locations associated with the Book of Mormon and other places of interest culminating with the site of Izapa where you will see stela 5, also known as the Tree of Life stone.


TOUR INCLUDES: eight nights hotel accommodations, two or more meals daily except on first and last days, first-class bus transportation, entrance fees and guide service to places listed on the itinerary, taxes and tips on group items, literature and maps pertaining to your tour, and escorted by professional tour director Blake Allen.


The tour deposit is $500 per person. The total payment is due 60 days prior to departure. The deposit is non-refundable; however, it may be transferred to another tour if taken within 12 months of the original scheduled tour departure. See terms and conditions for details. Prices and itineraries are subject to change.


Call today to book your space on this deluxe Book of Mormon experience. 1.801.226.5200 or email us at Cheap generic amoxicillin


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Prices and itineraries are subject to change.  Provided meals are noted at the end of each day.  Time will be given for optional second or third meals during the day.



PO Box 970250

Orem, UT 84097

Telephone: 801.226.5200

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Let the Book of Mormon change your life.....again!®


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