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For more than 40 years, thousands of people have explored the enchanting lands of the Book of Mormon with Book of Mormon Tours.  All of our tours follow the format of the book, Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon, by Joseph L. Allen and Blake J. Allen.  At Book of Mormon Tours we strive to provide the type of experience that you would expect from a tour of this magnitude.  In doing so, all of the following amenities are included in each of our deluxe tours:

● Superb hotel accommodations.

● Two or more delicious meals daily.

● Ground transportation on private, air-conditioned motor coaches.

● Entrance fees to all sites included in the itinerary.

● Expert guide service throughout the entire tour.

● All tips, taxes and other group incurred expenses.  No registration fees.

● Literature and other material to help you prepare for your tour.

We are the pioneers of the Book of Mormon tour concept.  We invite you to compare our tours with other companies.  We have often been imitated, but never duplicated.

Following are ten reasons for traveling with us to the lands of the Book of Mormon:
 1. Experience: 40+ years in directing tours to Mesoamerica. 
 2. Education:  50 years in Book of Mormon research.        

 3. Superb Itineraries:  More Book of Mormon tour options.  
 4. Deluxe Accommodations:  Our tours are all-inclusive. 

 5. Value Prices:  Most affordable: tips and taxes included.

 6. Group Rates: Discounts for groups of ten or more. 

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