and Book of Mormon Seminar at Sea
with Joseph and Blake Allen

Departing April 25, 2010
18 days

Holland america ship

INTERIOR savings fare from $1199 Original fare $2099
OCEAN VIEW obstructed from $1299 Original fare $2399
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This eighteen day voyage offers an extraordinary Panama Canal experience that encompasses much of the surrounding regions. Explore the eco-diversity and natural beauty of Costa Rica, and savor the warm-water pleasures of the Mexican Riviera from Acapulco to Cabo San Lucas. On board, enjoy special presentations and an array of exciting activities, elegant amenities, excellent dining options and impeccable service.

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Book of Mormon Seminar at Sea
with Dr. Joseph and Blake Allen

Seminar: FREE
With purchase of cruise through Book of Mormon Tours
Includes six discussions on the sea days about Book of Mormon history and geography. The text for the course is Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon by authors Joseph and Blake Allen. You will receive one FREE copy per stateroom of Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon once you book your space.

Side Excursions
Each side excursion is $99 per person.
If you purchase all four side excursions, the discount price is $359.

Book of Mormon tours offers four side excursions to the following places:
A.Puerto Quetzal and the archaeological site of Kaminaljuyu in Guatemala City
B. Puerto Chiapas and the archaeological site of Izapa (Tree of Life Stone)
C. Huatulco and the archaeological site of Punta Celeste
D. Acapulco and the archaeological site of Xochicalco

Side excursions for other ports of call are available aboard ship.


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See day 15 below in full itinerary.

See day 14 below in full itinerary.

IZAPA SIDE EXCURSION (Stela 5, Tree of Life Stone)

Puerto Chiapas, Mexico. 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Today's side excursion is under the direction of Book of Mormon Tours and is part of the Book of Mormon Seminar at Sea program. After breakfast, we will disembark from the ship and board our air conditioned bus for a thirty minute ride to the archaeological ruins of Izapa. We will visit both the north and south side of the Izapa archaeological zone. You will have the opportunity to see the Stela 5, Tree of Life Stone which dates to the King Mosiah time period. You are encouraged to read chapter 15 of the second edition of Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon prior to your visit to Izapa. Following our visit Izapa, we will transfer to the nearby city of Tapachula where we will visit the Regional Archaeological Museum. Following lunch, we will return to the ship with time to bask on the Pacific beach of Chiapas, the area proposed as the landing site of Lehi and his people shortly after 600 BC.

Stela 5 Izapa
Stela 5 Izapa, Tree of Life Stone
Drawing by Cliff Dunston
See page 332 of Exploring the Lands of The Book of Mormon

KAMINALJUYU SIDE EXCURSION (The proposed city of Nephi)
Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala. 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Today's side excursion is also under the direction of Book of Mormon Tours and is part of the Book of Mormon Seminar at Sea program. An early disembarkation will allow us to board our first class bus for a two hour ride to Guatemala City where we will visit the National Archaeological Museum, the LDS Temple and the archaeological zone of Kaminaljuyu. This site is the leading candidate for the ancient city of Nephi where Nephi, the son Lehi, built a temple and was anointed king. A monument dating to 147 BC may illustrate the transfer of kingship from Noah to Limhi. Following a delicious steak dinner, we will return to Puerto Quetzal where we will board ship.

Engraved stone from Kaminaljuyu located at the archaeological museum in Guatemala City. Dates to 147 BC and shows the transfer of kingship. (see Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon, page 764)

The Panama Canal is man-made and connects the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. One of the largest and most difficult of any engerneering projects ever undertaken, it had an enormous impact on shipping between the two oceans, replacing the long and treacherous route via the Drake Passage and Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America. Today, you will enjoy passing through the canal as we pass through the locks to the Pacific side..


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